With Arnaud Salomon, CEO & Co-Founder @ SMEx and Cyril Lapinte, CTO & Co-Founder @ SMEx(Geneva, Switzerland). Arnaud, Swiss and citizen of the world, had his first entrepreneurial experience at the age of 16 in Prague, Czech Rep. EPFL engineer by education, he always worked in finance as a commodity and FX trader. Back in 2012, he discovered bitcoin and it was an instant paradigm shift in his life. Liberty! Arnaud has now founded SMEx, the future of open banking. Smex.world will be the perfect bridge between the new and the legacy world of finance. This revolutionary bank will empower its members with transparency, security and will let them regain control over their money. Smex.world will be the first full-reserve, marketplace and tokenized bank in the world. Cyril is an agile IT developer and Blockchain expert. He spent over 13 years working for Telecoms, e-government and Finance. Cyril is an early adopter of the blockchain technology: he immediately recognized its potential and developed a passion for it. He frequently organizes workshops where developers can create smart-contracts and apps on blockchain. Cyril met Arnaud after winning SIX’s blockchain hackathon. He co-founded SMEx and developed smex.city: the app that generates local Swiss proxy IBANs for any international beneficiary, empowering people with more transparent and faster international transfers at a fraction of the traditional bank cost.

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