Genome Beer / BeerDeCoded


Avec Gianpaolo Rando, Phd. Director of BeerDeCoded et Jonathan Sobel, PhD. Head of Bioinformatics of BeerDeCoded. Gianpaolo Rando, Life technologist and entrepreneur. He taught genomics and molecular biology at the Universities of Milan, Lausanne and Geneva where he helped 3 startups to move from a proof-of-concept/idea to a validated prototype. He co-invented SwissDeCode’s foundational technology and managed scientific programs that captured attention of media and corporations. He is currently CTO at SwissDeCode and board member of Hackuarium, a bio-hacker space in Renens. Jonathan Sobel, after pursuing a master in a mucosal immunity lab at Lausanne university hospital, CHUV, where he studied the effect of lipoxin A4 on endometriosis at the protein level. Then, he did his Ph.D. in the computational systems biology lab at EPFL where he studied the interplay between metabolism and the circadian cycle in mouse liver, using next generation sequencing approaches. He joined the Regazzi lab at the university of Lausanne in 2017 as a post-doc in bioinformatics to study beta-cell maturation. Side to his academic work, Jonathan was involved in Hackuarium, where he did science popularization.

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