https://www.ico.thrivelabs.io/ With Giuseppe SCORDINO, Chief Strategist @ Thrive. Thrive is a revolutionary “Premium Decentralized Advertising Marketplace”. It’s fully Transparent and Blockchain based. Users and Websites finally get PAID for data sharing! Lowest fees, Premium placements & Highest ROI conversion ever.. Giuseppe has strong record track in Analytics, Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, CRM and Digital Transformation.

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https://www.prodibi.com/ With Olivier HAMEL, CEO & Co-Founder @ Prodibi. Prodibi is a unique image display solution that enables photographers to display and share stunning images in full quality and full speed on the web and mobile. Prodibi takes care of everything for photographers automatically and in seconds, from the upload to the encoding and delivery […]

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http://www.bloomio.com/ With Max Lyadvinsky, CEO & Co-Founder @ Bloomio. Bloomio is a Blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, connecting private investors and VCs with early stage startups. Max is an Entrepreneur and angel investor with expertise in scaling startup teams, envisioning technology trends and innovating disruptive technologies.

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ESRI Suisse

https://www.esri.ch/fr Avec Emanuele Gennai. Institutionnelle, provenant de l’IoT ou Big Data, la géodonnée est aujourd’hui indispensable à toute application. Or souvent, les principaux acteurs n’osent la rendre ouverte. Souci de confidentialité ou vision à court terme ? N’est-elle pas l’élément essentiel à la constitution de communautés plus smart ?

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