Precision Vine

http://www.precisionvine.com/ With William Metz, Co-Founder. Precision Vine is a remote sensing company providing aerial decision support with tools created specific for the wine industry. Precision Vine works with winemakers, vineyard managers, and grower relations departments to leverage new information sources into their key operations.

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Alogo Analysis

https://www.alogo-analysis.com/ With David Deillon, CEO & Co-Founder. Alogo Analysis SA is a Swiss company that provides statistical data for equestrian sports. Its goal is to modernize the discipline by introducing innovative solutions to quantify the athletes’ performance. Alogo develops a range of hi-tech and innovative products that provide highly accurate performance statistics for show-jumping training […]

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WeGaw (WeHike)

https://www.wehike.earth/ With Ion Padilla CEO & Co-Founder. WeHike is a Social Outdoor Adventure Marketplace that enables Smart Outdoors. We put outdoor professionals in touch with individuals, allowing for outdoor adventures to be socially booked and for professionals to foster communities around their experiences. Thanks to our Marketplace and Satellite Monitoring technology, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) […]

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http://kitro.ch/ Naomi MacKenzie & William Downey. KITRO is simplifying food waste management by providing restaurants and canteens with the first fully automated food waste measurement solution. With the ability to identify, track and monitor food waste, KITRO elevates the food waste reduction possibilities within the Food & Beverage sector. Integrated in all functions of the […]

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https://valid.global/ With Yves-Alain Petitjean, CFO & Cofounder @ Valid (Procivis) https://valid.global **Val:ID*** is taking personal data management to the next level. Just as the information in a passport identifies its holder for specific purposes, a digital identity, in its simplest form, is an online proxy for a real individual. It can be used to identify […]

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