https://opendata.ch/ With Alexandre Cotting. Prof. Alexandre Cotting has been Professor in the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) since 2010. He previously worked, as a manager, during 5 years at the RFID Center of Sierre and before that in the domains of electricity management, video acquisition and image […]

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Genome Beer / BeerDeCoded

http://www.genome.beer/ Avec Gianpaolo Rando, Phd. Director of BeerDeCoded et Jonathan Sobel, PhD. Head of Bioinformatics of BeerDeCoded. Gianpaolo Rando, Life technologist and entrepreneur. He taught genomics and molecular biology at the Universities of Milan, Lausanne and Geneva where he helped 3 startups to move from a proof-of-concept/idea to a validated prototype. He co-invented SwissDeCode’s foundational […]

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ESRI Suisse

https://www.esri.ch/fr Avec Emanuele Gennai. Institutionnelle, provenant de l’IoT ou Big Data, la géodonnée est aujourd’hui indispensable à toute application. Or souvent, les principaux acteurs n’osent la rendre ouverte. Souci de confidentialité ou vision à court terme ? N’est-elle pas l’élément essentiel à la constitution de communautés plus smart ?

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