http://socialease.ch/fr/ With Laurent THEVIN, CEO & Co-Founder @ Socialease. Laurent was looking for the solution that would allow restaurants’ owners, non digital-native people overloaded with work, to easily control and manage their online communication with customers. This is how he created Socialease, the first Intelligent assistant designed to support hospitality businesses in the management of […]

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https://swissborg.com/ With Cyrus Fazel, CEO & Co-Founder @ SwissBorg (Lausanne, Switzerland). Cyrus is a multicultural fintech professional with more than a decade of experience in Asset Management and Algo Trading. Throughout his experiences, he has grown as a person and professionally gaining skills such as multitasking, team building, and effectively working under pressure. Cyrus developed […]

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Meetup 2 – Sept. 27, 2017

Blockchain, ICOs..: A Revolution Underway, from a Startup & Venture Capital Perspective. The public focus has been on an explosion of digital “currencies” that has made “ICOs” (initial coin offerings) the modern equivalent of turn-of-the-century “IPOs”. https://medium.com/@ProductHuntGVA/announcing-our-next-meet-up-in-geneva-on-blockchain-icos-88fe6d5b3d35

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