Meetup 7 – Apr. 26, 2018

Product Hunt Switzerland has partnered with Digital Pitch to pre-select 2 startups during a “Digital Pitch Night!” at Seedspace La Praille! Well done to WeGaw and Bigvu-tv, our two Winners! And the amazing line-up of 9 startups Bigvu.tv Expertiz Gorather Guruvest Kitro Olympe Peerspoint Ufity Wegaw

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Meetup 6 – Feb. 20, 2018

Product Hunt Suisse Romande first “Pitch Time!” at MassChallenge! Our Pitch Time! meet-up at MassChallenge + Free Beer! Amazing line-up of startups – KITRO is simplifying food waste management by providing restaurants and canteens with the first fully automated food waste measurement solution. http://kitro.ch/ – PRECISION WINE is remote sensing company providing aerial (drone) decision […]

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Alogo Analysis

https://www.alogo-analysis.com/ With David Deillon, CEO & Co-Founder. Alogo Analysis SA is a Swiss company that provides statistical data for equestrian sports. Its goal is to modernize the discipline by introducing innovative solutions to quantify the athletes’ performance. Alogo develops a range of hi-tech and innovative products that provide highly accurate performance statistics for show-jumping training […]

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